Therapeutic Contract

I would first like to say that I use the word « client » and not « patient » as I do not see a person as having to be passively « fixed » but as someone who has the power and innate resources to be resilient and participate in their own healing process.

As well as creating a safe and clear container for the therapeutical work, a therapeutic contract helps the client recognize the commitment made by the therapist. The flowing agreements must be approved by the client before starting the therapy.  

  • The nature of the therapy :

    • The therapist practices Integrative therapy, and will use different therapeutical tools for the different needs of the client. The therapist is competent for treating complex trauma and early attachment disorders. See all trainings here.
    • Some sessions might include exercices to practice at home. All exercices will be explained in session. Practicing is mandatory but recommended.
    • The goal of the therapy is to heal wounds, integrate all parts of self, understand yourself and your behaviors. Restore inner consciousness

    The practical aspects :

    • Sessions can take place in person (face to face) or by video-consultation (Zoom, Skype or other means) 
    • Individual sessions and couple sessions are 60 minutes long. Clients may ask for 90 minutes if needed. 
    • The frequency of appointments are once a week, exceptionally twice a week if requested by the Client and if the therapist is available. 
    • Once the time slot agreed by both it will remain the same and made unavailable to futur clients.
    • The postponement of a session or the decision to change the time slot of the appointment must be discussed during the session.
    • The Client can contact the therapist in the event of an emergency. This type of call is not charged but it cannot exceed a few minutes or replace a therapy session. If the life of the client is in danger, the therapist is required by law to call the appropriate authorities and breach confidentiality.
    • The Client may feel free to contact the therapist outside of sessions if needed. Client might not have immediate responses, the therapist cannot be 24/7 available, but promesses to read everything sent. 
    • Clients with borderline personality disorder must restrain themselves to threaten the therapist with suicide and agrees not to take their own life while in therapy.
    • New mothers can have their baby with them during the session if they can’t do differently.
    • It is forbidden to eat during sessions, client can bring water or non alcoholic beverages except soda. 

    Cancel a sessions:

    • For all cancelation the client must send an email to
    • The time limit for canceling a session and receive a refund for pre-payed session is 48 hours before the appointment, except for emergencies and exceptional circumstances.
    • Cancelation must be done 48hours before the session, or the fees of the sessions are due, except emergencies and exceptional circumstances.
    • The therapist commits to a 48h notice before cancelling, except emergencies and exceptional circumstances.
    • If the session was canceled by the therapist and was prepaid the client will have the option to be refunded or rescheduled during the same week. The client will receive an email for cancelation and appointment availability. 
    • When a session is canceled 48 hours before by the client, the session can be rescheduled if the therapist has availabilities. There cannot be more than one rescheduling per appointment.

    Financial information:

    • Fees for 1hour session are 70€ and for 1h30 minutes session are 95€. The therapist has a reduced price for people with less income, students, unemployed and for client who would want an extra session, please contact the therapist for this price. Once defined, fees are non-negotiable.
    • Payments can be made by cash, card, Apple Pay, Pay Pal or by Bank transfer to PT50 0033 0000 4560 9990 6340 5 for in person sessions, the same for online sessions except for cash. 
    • Payments for online sessions are due in the next 2h fallowing the booking or will be canceled. 
    • The clients agrees to pay the fees at the end of each session and to respect the scheduled appointments.
    • A fee invoice can be provided on request for your personal insurance company.
    • Refund available only for pre-paid sessions for cancelation reasons explained above.
    • No change of fees can be made unilaterally without the agreement of the therapist. 


    • The therapist might write down breakthroughs of clients and advancements as personnel records of sessions. No one will have access to those records.
    • The therapist might talk about her therapeutical work to a supervisor but will only share limited information and not reveal the identity of the client.
    • The only breach of confidentiality would be to disclose of all situation of child or elderly abuse, and if the client is in immediate danger.

    Ending therapy:

    • The temporary or permanent cessation of therapy by the client must be the subject of a session between the client and the therapist.
    • The therapist may terminate counseling if the client does not attend booked sessions, does not pay due session. If the client has a violent behavior toward the therapist, is not sober during sessions.
    • Cause leading to termination and referral : If the therapist feels to triggered and can’t offer the therapeutic qualities during session even after supervision
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