Healing Means Becoming Whole Again

Wounded people have scattered pieces of Self

« Trauma is not what happened TO us but INSIDE of us. » says Dr Gabor Maté.
« Thus we have the power and response-ability to heal ourselves. »

Compassion Inquiry, Parts Work, DBT

Most traumas are created in faulty primary relationships, but they can be healed in a healthy therapeutical one. 

        Choosing a therapist can be a life changing decision. Learning more about my trainings and the approach I have, will give you an idea of what to expect in a session and the opportunity to mindfully decide, if I will best suit your needs.

My approach is phenomenological and client-lead, meaning the emphasis is on the client’s process of self-discovery, self-growth and self-understanding. This process can unfold because of the empathic listening and understanding, the gentle presence, acceptance, compassion and respect that I have for the clients I support.

The approach I use is also psycho-somatic and neuroscience based, hence although it is a talk based therapy involving the mind, the client will also experience, in the body, the sensations and/or emotions that are arising. By being present to them the client learns to have compassion and understanding for that part carrying the emotion, awakening the neocortex. Unblended the client can create distance and space for them to stop reacting impulsively and start choosing how they decide to behave and who they choose to be.

In the therapeutical space clients will be able to truly see who they are, the patterns they are repeating and the wounds they are carrying. They will come to understand what truly serves them and what has limited them, listening to every aspects and parts of themself…

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Baby Blues, postpartum depression & motherhood

Relational & Behavioral Dependency

Anxiety, Hypersensitivity, Depression

Search for Purpose & Authenticity

Trauma & PTSD

My practice is open to everyone looking for support and committed on working on themselves

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